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exploration, Inspiration, Motherhood, Recipes / 09.11.2021

“It is the image in the mind that links us to our lost treasures; but it is the loss that shapes the image, gathers the flowers, weaves the garland” ~ Colette     Sometimes, when I’m really listening, I hear the sound of my mom’s voice calling my name from the distant past. I picture her tilting her head back with her chin to the air, her beautiful long chestnut colored hair framing her face and letting out a breathy laugh. I see my mom wearing her red apron tied around...

Biography, Motherhood / 21.12.2016

 I Forgot My Mantra  The phrase “I forgot my mantra” is from 1977 Best Picture winner and my favorite Woody Allen film, Annie Hall. Jeff Goldblum made a cameo appearance, giving this famous, solitary line. In my late 20’s, I watched Annie Hall for the first time and rewound Goldblum’s  scene over and over again. This brilliant bit depicts a man who is struggling to grasp the motions of a solution that’s eluding him. It resonated with me because it mirrored my life--desperately seeking more love and attention...